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Ndleming Sore-Sore : Inget Surprised Task BIP

Hari ini, hari yang beda dari biasanya. Saya terlambat sekitar 10 menit di mata kuliah bahasa inggris profesi (BIP). Untungnya, dosen saya masih memperkenankan saya masuk. Dan hari ini banyak sekali mahasiswa yang datang terlambat (entah kenapa).

Awalnya kegiatan perkuliahan berjalan seperti biasa. Namun, ketika kami tiba di section ke 6, tiba-tiba dosen kami keluar sebentar. Dan beliau masuk kembali sembari membagikan selembar kertas kepada kami. Oh My God, pikiran saya sudah meracau kemana-mana. Benar saja, pertemuan kali ini, kami mendapat surprise pengambilan nilai secara tiba-tiba. Yah, kami hanya diberikan waktu selama 20 menit untuk mengisahkan novel ayat-ayat cinta secara ringkas.

Oh My God, kami kelimpungan, dan memaksa ingatan kami untuk mengingat jalannya cerita di novel fenomenal karya Habiburahman El Shirazy itu. Suasana kelas menjadi hening. Kami sibuk dengan kerjaan masing-masing. Dan saya, segera berkonsentrasi dengan lembaran HVS yang dibagi oleh pak Dosen tadi. Hahay, meski belepotan grammar yang masih amburadul, akhirnya kertas saya terisi juga coretan summary dari saya. 20 menit belum cukup untuk saya merampungkan jalan cerita sampai akhir. Saya ingat benar, cerita yang saya tulis tadi baru sampai pada saat Fahri masuk penjara, akibat tuduhan dari Naura. Hehehe.*inget bener saya* Tapi, yaa, sudahlah saya sudah berusaha memaksimalkan apa yang saya bisa. Dan ternyata teman-teman yang lain lebih parah dari saya, hahahaha. *Benar-benar kejutan di pagi hari*

Karena saya tidak puas, maka, pulang kuliah tadi saya iseng-iseng buat summary lagi sembari mengingat jalan cerita novel ayat-ayat cinta. Dan jadilah, summary ala Tri Lego tayang juga ^__* 

Cekidot :

Fahri bin Abdillah Indonesian students who are trying to reach his master's degree in Al Ahzar. Making friends with the heat and dust of Egypt. Struggling with a variety of targets and simplicity of life. Survived by a translator of religious books. Study in Egypt, making Fahri can know Maria, Nurul, Noura, and Aisha.

Mary Grigis is a flat Fahri neighbor, the Christian Coptic but admire the Koran. And sympatyc to Fahri. Admiration that turns into love. Unfortunately, love her just pour it in the diary.

While Nurul was the son of a famous religious scholars, who also dredge science at Al Azhar. Fahri actually put his heart on this sweet girl. Unfortunately  sense that only the offspring of farmers makes it never showed any sense at Nurul. While Nurul became hesitant and always guessing.

Noura is a neighbor while Fahri, who always tortured his own father. Fahri fully empathize with Noura and wanted to help him. Only empathy alone. No more! Yet the Noura expect more. And this will be a major problem when Fahri Noura accused raped her.

And the last is Aisha. The beautiful eyes are bewitching Fahri. Since an incident in the metro, while Fahri defend Islam from the charges of old-fashioned and rigid, Aisha fell in love with Fahri. And Fahri also can not fool him.

Fahri was on his way to the Mosque of Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, located in Shubra El-Kaima, the north end of the city of Cairo, to talaqqi (learn face to face on a sheikh) of Shaykh Uthman, a sheikh who is quite famous in Egypt.

With a metro ride, Fahri hoping he will arrive on time at the Mosque of Abu Bakr As-Siddiq. In the metro then that he met with Aisha. Aisha who was by the Egyptians because it gives her seat to an elderly American citizen, helped by Fahri. Relief sincere Fahri provide meaningful impression on Aisha. They were acquainted. And Aisha was not the Egyptian girl, but a German girl who also was studying in Egypt.

In Egypt, Fahri lives with his four friends who also came drai Indonesia. They are Siful, Rudi, Hamdi, and Misbah. They lived in a modest apartment with two floors, where the ground floor a living Fahri and four others, while the
floor above by a Christian family who becomes their neighbor. This family consists of Mr. Boutros, Madame Nahed and two people their son, are Mary and Yousef.

Despite their different beliefs and aqiqah, but between Fahri and Mr Boutros family relationship can be very good. Moreover Fahri and Maria make friends. Fahri call Mary the Coptic girls are weird. How not, she is able to memorize Al-Maidah letters and letters of Mary.

In addition to the family next door to Mr. Boutros, Fahri also have another neighbor who
attitude versus black 108 Boutros-degree with the family. The head of this family named Bahadur. His wife was named madame Syaima and her children named Mona, Suzanna, and Noura.

Bahadur, madame Syaima, Mona, and Suzanna often tortured as a way Noura Noura and hair color are different from them. Noura was white and blond. Yes, Noura's unfortunate fate.

One night Noura Bahadur expelled from the house. Noura was dragged into the street as he whipped. Piteous cries. Fahri not bear to see Noura treated as such by Bahadur. He asked Mary to help Noura via sms. Fahri could not help directly because Noura Noura is not relative. Mary was willing to help Noura night. He took Noura to her flat.

Fahri and Maria try to find out who actually Noura family. They believe Noura is not a child and madame Syaima Bahadur.

And correct. Noura was not their child. Noura the poor can finally get together with people who loved her. He is very grateful to Fahri and Maria.

Meanwhile, Aisha can not forget the good-hearted young man who would help him in the metro at that time. Aisha apparently fell in love with Fahri. He asked his uncle to fix her up with Fahri Eqbal. Incidentally, my uncle knows Fahri Eqbal and Syaik Uthman. Through the help Syaik Uthman, Fahri was willing to marry Aisha.

Hearing the news of the marriage Fahri, Nurul became very disappointed. Uncle and aunt had come to the house to tell him that his nephew Fahri very love the Fahri. But too late! Fahri will soon be married to Aisha. Oh, really unfortunate fate of Nurul.

Fahri and marriage with Aisha was underway. Fahri and Aisha decide to
honeymonth in a beautiful apartment for several weeks.

Coming home from 'bulanmadu'nya, Fahri got a shock from Maria and Yousef. Mary and her sister came to the house Fahri to give a wedding gift. But she looked thinner and moody. Indeed, when Fahri and Aisha married, Boutros family is away on vacation. As a result, when I heard Fahri had belonged to another woman and no longer lived in the flat, she was devastated.

Fahri and Aisha's happiness did not last long because Fahri should be serving time in prison on charges of rape against Noura. Noura very hurt when Fahri deciding to marry Aisha

At the trial, Noura who was pregnant was to testify that the fetus is a child Fahri. Lawyer Fahri could not do anything because he does not have strong evidence to free his client of all charges. Fahri had to be languishing in jail for several weeks.

The only key witness who could pass Fahri from cruel slander Noura is Mary. Noura Marialah which together that night (the night that Noura called in the trial as a night where Fahri raped her).

But Mary was weak drooping helplessly. Liver injury due to unrequited love that made him sick. There is no other way. At the urging of Aisha, Fahri had married Mary. Aisha hopes, to hear and feel the touch of the hand Fahri, Mary came out of coma length. Aisha and expectations into reality. She can open her eyes and then be willing to testify in court. As a result, Fahri was free of charge Noura. In other words, Fahri can leave that terrible prison.

Noura regret for the actions he did. With a great soul, forgive Fahri Noura. And, revealing bahawa father of the baby in the womb Noura dalah Bahadur.

Fahri, Aisha, and she is able to undergo their households well. Aisha regard Mary as a sister, Mary the honor nor should an older sister Aisha. No one had expected when death finally claimed her. But she was lucky because before his death, he had become a mu'alaf.

From the book we know that Fahri always "keep away" in the middle of the women close to him. Fahri did it because his love for the Almighty. Fahri tried to be consistent with the principles and teachings of the religion which he held firm. Fahri on religion and love the Creator Aisha led to his love. Permission of Allah Fahri and Aisha are united under the umbrella of a sincere love expecting approval.

Haha, sebagai obat geregetan, nggak bisa ngerampungin tugas dadakan lagi. Hehehe

Bandar Lampung, 31102011
At 3pm

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